Hold $FLINK,
Earn ChainLink.

FlokiLINK is a new revolutionary project that allows all FlokiLINK ($FLINK) HODLERS to generate infinite passive rewards in the form of Chainlink ($LINK) tokens!

When you HODL FlokiLINK ($FLINK) you get rewarded automagically in Chainlink ($LINK) tokens approximately every 60 minutes, the amount of $LINK that is rewarded is proportional to the amount of the total supply of $FLINK tokens you hold. So bag as much $FLINK as you can!

CA: 0x9f5faa8fe639730ba1a576d1188b7928e5adbf3f

Rewards & FLINKnomics

Get your Chainlink Rewards Every 60 Minutes

Up to 8% Rewards Paid in $LINK

Up to 8% of every buy/sell is redistributed to all $FLINK holders in the form of Chainlink.

FREE $LINK Every 60 Mins

Just buy & HODL $FLINK and you’ll get Chainlink $LINK in your wallet every 60 minutes automagically!

$FLINK Buybacks

We will randomly buyback $FLINK from the market and burn some too.

100 Billion Supply

Stealth launched
100% into LP
NO Team wallets


Earn FREE Chainlink every 60 minutes automagically FOREVER.

Variable $FLINK Taxes

Depending on the market cap the taxes will vary between 10-17% Tax on Buys split
6-8% in $LINK Rewards to $FLINK Holders
2-6% Marketing
2-3% Auto LP

What’s the catch?

There is no catch, as long as there is trading volume you will earn $LINK rewards passively FOREVER!

How will the team pay for marketing?

Up to 6% of each tx goes into a marketing wallet to keep the liquidity increasing and marketing happening.

How Much $LINK Can I Earn?

The amount is ENDLESS that is why it is important to get your friends involved, the more trading the more rewards it is that simple.

$FLINK To The Moon!





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